Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Grand Poobah Has Arrived!

After a very unusual labor which culminated in a C-section we have one beautiful little boy born July 31st at 9am.  Radar weighed in at 10.5 ounces at birth.  He has since been greeted by his entourage:  Mom, Krista, Lisa, Wendy, Terri, Jenny and of course Drew and Henry.  Roady, Rocket, and Trooper have been allowed to look from afar but there will be no getting next to her baby according to Pixie!

Radar has gained over 2 ounces since birth, has had his nails cut and has spent his first 24 hours lounging around with him mom, eating, sleeping and complaining when he gets turtled between one of the walls and a lump under the blanket or Pix.

Pixie is doing well. I am extremely fortunate to have her. She is sore but eating anything that isn't kibble very well.  She will begrudgingly go outside for a little walk about in the back yard and to potty. then it's lickity-split back to his lord and master.  I've started applying ice to her first several teats and she will wear an ace wrap for a bit to encourage the eating machine to use the back teats.  I'm hoping to avoid mastitis from excess milk production.

30 minutes after birth

Lunch with Pixie poo

Napping with Pix

I don't think he can be clean enough for Mom!