Wednesday, July 25, 2012

8th Week

Call me a slacker for not getting a post made on Monday but I did work two nights before and the night of Monday.  Went to a vet appt for the xray on Monday and have set up the whelping box, started taking temps and have the cleanest, shiniest, prettiest floors in the western hemisphere.  Well, probably just on my street :-) Today I'll take the dogs for a run, grind nails, clean the fish tank and maybe think about getting rid of the pile of laundry - again.  One more night of work tonight and then I'm off for the next week waiting for the pups to arrive!

I didn't get a copy of the xray sent to me or remember to take a camera with me to take a picture but we only saw 3 on xray.  Ms. Piglet, or Pixie as she is generally called in her slender life, has actually gained 9 pounds!  So if when the little babes arrive there are actually only 3 she has some weight to lose.  Generally, you can figure 2 pounds per puppy so there is the possibility that there is another hiding in there.

Another picture!?!?!  I'm so done with this!

Uncle Rocket is trying out the whelping box set up.  I think he likes it.