Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wet and Snowy? Who Cares!

Well, actually these boys care about the cold and rain.  It's not their fav but they will tolerate it if the reward is powerful enough and I think we have what it takes.  Digging is getting pretty high on their list.
But perhaps even higher are the little winged creatures ...  Birds!
Quick (blue) and Jack (orange) find a quail first.

Jack (orange) is very excited to find her again.

Nimble (green) just can't get enough.  He searched high ...

He searched low

Quick (blue) had a little trouble scrambling over the bigger log.

They're so cute and little.

Where did that bird get to????

After a romp through the woods finding the birds, they split up for a couple of hours of time away.  Quick (blue) went to visit Susie and the girls.  Nimble (green) went to visit Kelsey and her cats and his Great Uncle Vezer.  Jack (orange) learned a thing or two at Wendy and Eds from Gramma Lannie and Auntie Aerial.  Everyone had a great time and Pixie and I were very happy to have them back.