Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun In The Sun

Who would have thought that 30 degrees could feel "warm".  With the sun out and the wind down it probably felt like 32 out there so the pups had several romps out back.

Lots of sniffing in the wilds
Lots of pouncing in the wilds.
Lots of chasing in the wilds.

Lots of fun in the wilds.

Roady and Pixie got to go for a short run today and afterward this is what happened....
Some mothers just don't know when to let go.
 I got Drew to take some pics of the pups doing their Food Bowl Zen.  What good little boys.  It takes only a few lift ups to remind them hineys on the ground!
Jack (orange) is moving...oops

Jack (orange) and Nimble (green) are moving ... oops!

Jack (orange) is actually only shaking his head so that is ok.  Notice which little bum has stayed down each time.