Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fly Away Jack

Jack left today with his new buddy Alex who was accompanied by his mom Becky and Aunt Ruth.  Jack was on his best behavior, except when he got a bath which Alex got to do with Drew.  After that he showed how quickly he can fall asleep and be the perfect little angel. They didn't know that he had been running with Pixie outside, wrestling with her inside and running like a madman through the house for an hour before they got here :-)  Anyway, the bath was a perfect opportunity to show how though they can be sweet and accepting, it takes work and patience to get them that way.  They have to learn that sometimes things just have to be done and that they can have positive side effects like treats and cuddling but sometimes you just have to take it and move on. Alex is just the young man for the job.

Introducing Ash, formerly Jack, with his new best friend Alex.

I have loved almost every minute of getting these boys started.  Who can enjoy a 430 am wake up call?  I look forward to many wonderful updates over the years to come.  Kelsey has already sent an update on Quixx (FKA Nimble-green).  The transition to their home has gone very smoothly and he is settling in beautifully.  There is a little controversy on who his favorite family member is right now but I'm sure they will all feel like they have a special place with him.

I must again thank Debbie, Kevin and Alycia for allowing McCoy to be the Baby Daddy.  These have been a wonderful bunch to raise.  I can't wait to see how their little futures pan out.  I have a special shout out to my weekly weighing partner Terri.  She has been a great addition to my puppy raising plan.

This is my last post about the McPixies.  I hear Ash will have his own blog so I will link to that when it is available.  The new background is called Aloha which I think is appropriate.  Aloha McPixies.  Otherwise, until next time.....Give your own pups a hug and see you McLater!