Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Pixie play

While I had kind of a busy Sunday the pups kind of lazed around.  Well not really because what self-respecting vizsla pup actually has a lazy day?  Their day contained a mini field trip to the upstairs complete with rug tunneling, couch cover tugging, food bin discovery; newspaper shredding, outside play, cuddling, chasing, nail trimming, almost meeting neighbor dogs ('til Sandy and Dino barked very scarily at them through the fence), shoe dragging (too big to actually carry), sloshing the large water crock, ice cube discovery, napping and the regular rough housing. Tomorrow we'll add climbing regular carpeted stairs.  They have gotten particularly good about the ones outside.

Nimble (green) protesting morning confinement

Nimble (green) says "Feed me please!"

Quick (blue) is giving credence to the excuse "The dog ate my homework"