Monday, November 1, 2010

And Then There Was One

I came home from work this am and Quick also has his eyes fully open!  Nimble has glimmers of both eyes peaking so I expect him to be completely bright eyed by tomorrow am if he follows his brothers' example but today he is the last of the Three Blind Mice.  Jack and Quick have become champion walkers.  Jack also just came over and pooped on his mother's leg.  That is just gross though in a way thoughtful because he came to her and was in an easy to reach location.  They have been without collars because they outgrew what I had on them.  Will re-collar them tomorrow with 2 week weigh-in.

Nimble (green) left, Quick (blue) center, Jack (orange) right

Nimble (green)

Quick (blue)
L > R Quick, Nimble, Jack