Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6 Weeks Old Today

I have to work tonight so I need to take a nap and have no time to post really but in honor of Terry I'll at least post their weights and give a little tease about their newest adventure.

Weights (birth -- --> 5weeks --> 6 weeks)
Nimble (green)  10.6oz -->  6lb 1.9 oz --> 7.5 lbs
Quick (blue)  7.9 oz  --> --> 5lb 5.8 oz --> 6lbs 12.6oz
Jack (orange) 9 oz  --> 5lb 13.4 oz --> 7.25lb
(Nimble and Jack went to the big scale since the small one only goes to 7 lbs)

Can you guess what happened here?  Becky and Al, you must be really jealous :-)
 Check back tomorrow for the fun that was had!