Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 Weeks Old Today!

It it amazing what can happen in 4 weeks time.  4 weeks ago they were cute little squirmy gerbils.  Today they are actually running, barking and growling with each other.  Their personalities are developing and they are changing each day. Quick has been having a down day today. His play spurts have been briefer than the other boys and his sleep times longer than theirs.  Yesterday was Jack's day to be the sleepy one. 

All of them are seriously resisting the eating routine.  Jack has caught up with Nimble in how much he is willing to try but they are all holding out for Pixie's super milk.  I don't really force wean so this may take a bit more time to convince them that this is the way to go. It's probably b/c there aren't that many puppies to make them desperate.  I think I'm going to finally sleep in my own bed tonight vs the cot next to the box so Pix will probably just check on them during the night.  OR she may be like me and enjoy a restful night without disturbances :-). 

It was pretty rainy today so no outside time but they spent most of the day exploring the family room. 

Jack (orange)

Jack (Orange)

Sleep Quick (blue)

Jack (orange) and Nimble (green) bugging Sleepy Quick

Nimble (green) - Maybe a nap isn't such a bad idea.

Finally a nap for all three.