Friday, September 3, 2010

Two Weeks Later

I hate to start looking at her but some people are impatient .  These shots are from this morning after I got home from work.  She doesn't cooperate for camera work much better outside than inside.  You would think she was a retiring wall flower.
It is sort of relevant to equate each week of a dog's pregnancy to each month of a human's pregnancy (not exactly but for our purposes that is what we are going to do).  Pix looks like she should at two weeks.  Nipples a little pink but that is about it. I'll post pics like this every Friday.

Pixie Rat 2 weeks after the deed - front
Pixie Rat two weeks after the deed - side

Despite how miserable Pix makes picture taking there was fun to be had by her and Roady investigating the possibility of a bunny being under a shrub in the front yard.

Stop trying to tear out the roots!
Awwwww!  He is so cute!