Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pixie at 4 weeks

More belly shots.  Obviously she is particularly thrilled with the posing - NOT.  It's like pulling teeth!  I suppose it would be easier if I'd just pose her and have someone else take the pictures.  We're at slightly over 4 weeks.  There is definitely thickening of her waist, and her belly has more of a rounding.  It didn't stop her from helping Roady and Rocket out with the rabbit hunting they did yesterday.  5 more weeks to go!

I started her on a supplement that a couple of friends of mine have used.  It's called K9 Puppy Gold http://www.k9power.com/k9_puppy_gold.php  It can be used a formula if pups need supplemented.  It's a powder that smells kind of skunky/skanky/stanky.  She loves it and licks the bowl clean each meal.  Rocket seems to think he should have some as well.  Maybe he's having a sympathy pregnancy .