Super Stars!

Most people looking for a vizsla are looking for "just a pet".  All of our puppies leave with the intention of being a cherished family companion.  To that extent they have been very successful and we are proud of that.  However, we have had several dogs and their owners venture into a closer relationship by advancing their training and taking on the challenge of competing with their dog. These dogs reach a level of development that allows them to have even more expressive personalities and allows their owner/handlers to know them even better. These owner/handlers have our gratitude and respect for reaching the next level and going above and beyond.  
They are listed below in no particular order. Way to go teams!

Magnus - CH Windrunner Fawa Juggernaut CGCA TKA

Scout - GCH CH Windrunner FAWA Just Got Bingo! CGC 

Zora - Fawa Windrunner Halley's Comet OA NAJ (2 majors)

Scarlet - Fawa Windrunner Incriminating Evidence AX AXJ OF T2B CA

Hunter - Fawa Windrunner Into The Wind BN RN CGC

Gema - GCH CH Fawa Windrunner It Takes A Thief RN RATI

Radar  - CH Windrunner's Ground Control CGC JH RA FDCH TF-III) .

Seeker - CH Fawa Windrunner Hot On The Trail CD RA CGC

Jinks - GCh CH FAWA Windrunner High Jinks JH OA OAJ

Sam - MACH4 PACH5 Windrunner's Pegasus MXS2 MJS2 MXP12 MXPC MJP12 MJPB2 PAX5 XF

Tega - BISS CH Windrunner's Fawa Fiery Salsa RN ROM

Lannie - CH MACH Windrunner's Kutya Lang CD RN MXB MJB NF MAD
Ash - CH Windrunner's Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down BN RN JH NA NAJ NF RATS CGC TKN
Pixie - CH Windrunner's Aviatrix PD1 AD AJ AS SG RATN BN RN NA NAJ
Lupita - Fawa-Wr Mir Mission JH
Akos - CH Windrunner's Serendipity JH deceased
Buzz - GCHB CH FAWA-WR Everwhen Buzz's Moon Mission CD BN RN JH NAP NJP THDN CGC
Cassie - Fawa-Wr Super Nova BN RE NA NAJ AJP (deceased)
Willow - U-CDX FAWA-WR Golden Willow Skyrocket UD GN GO RE MX MXJ MXP2 MJP2
Kai - CH Fawa-Wr Mission Voyager RE RATO
Kaboom - Fawa-Wr Ignite The Fuse RAE (deceased)
Vivi - Solar Flare Of Vitez JH deceased
Aerial - Windrunner's Aerial Flyer NA OAJ OF AAD deceased
Joey - BISS CH Windrunner's Justice (deceased)
Frankie - CH Windrunner's It Had To Be You RN NA NAJ deceased
Roady - CH Windrunner's Firestorm RA NA NAJ NF AD CGC
Rocket - CH Windrunner's Rocket Man AD AJ AG AS RA BN
Sunny - CH Windrunner's Sentimental Journey  RN NA NAJ ROM deceased
CH Magic's Turn Me Loose CD AD deceased- the start of them all