Pixie Litter October 2010

DOB 10.19.10
Theme: Nursery Rhymes


The McPixie's babyhood is chronicled in the blog section of this site.  Start around October 2010

Quixx - Windrunner's Over The Candlestixx -Patrick and Kelsey Esber
King - Windrunner's Old King Cole - Susan Brownfield
Ash - CH Windrunner's Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down RN JH RATS - Becky and Alex Haberbush http://vizslaash.blogspot.com/

Ash does a little barn hunt testing

Photo: Hanging out at home and with the red dogs!
Ash and the new baby

Quixx has a great 3rd birthday!

King on far left at Reunion 2013 (w Pixie and Radar)

The boys at 6 months - Quixx, Ash, King


Kelsey and Quixx

Quixx and his tongue

King as a baby (6 months?)

More Baby King

Baby Quixx w Uncle Vezer

Uncle Vezer looks vicious but what a sweetie he is to play with those young boys

The McPixies shortly before going to their new homes.