Lucie - In Memoriam

Lucie - CH Magic's Turn Me Loose CD AX NAJ AAD   2/7/93 ~ 7/24/09
Written 7/25/09: Yesterday, Henry and I took Lucie on her last visit to the vet. She had
her first visit there when she was 9 weeks old - a little less than 16 and a half years ago. Of course she has been going downhill for a bit now and reached a point that she wasn't going to get any better from.

She left her mark in her puppies, grandpuppies, and now great grandpups. Over the years numerous memories have been created - we did a lot together in and out of the ring. However, the most lasting I have is of her racing the hillside on a dam chasing the swallows - free, happy, young and fast. Some of her ashes will go there.

CH Magic's Turn Me Loose CD, AX, NAJ, AAD 2/7/93 - 7/24/09 aka Goosielu, Crazy Daisy, Momma Lu, and finally The Crypt Keeper (only
those of you who knew her in the last couple of years will understand )

As she aged our house has been quieter already but her spirit will be missed. I am thankful to have had this great dog....Pam