Frankie - In Memoriam

Frankie - CH Windrunner's It Had To Be You RN NA NAJ  4-23-97 ~ 9-3-06
Written 9/3/06 I lost a good dog today. Frankie, CH Windrunner's It Had To Be You RN
NA was put to sleep this evening at the same hospital she was born in. She wasn't doing well for the last few days and as I sort of suspected she had hemangiosarcoma. Fortunately she didn't appear to be very
painful, just tired and a bit bloated. I got her in to Joanne and confirmed with an abdominal tap that she was bleeding internally. With a very poor prognosis we decided to let her go.

No more counter surfing.
No more sneaking under the fence 5 minutes after she goes out.
No more digging for chipmunks behind the woodpile.
No more snorting like a pig at her sister Sunny or mother Lucie.
No more scratching my head while I'm sleeping when she wants on the bed.
No more barking at the neighbors like she hasn't ever seen them before.

No more sitting behind me on my computer chair with her head on my shoulder.
No more rubbing her face on my leg.
No more pushing her way under the covers.
No more singing when she wants something to eat.
No more creeping up to the table and spinning to get leftovers from Henry.
No more wrestling and zooming for Roady in the front yard.
No more standing between me and the cabinets in the kitchen leaning
against my legs.

We'll miss that crazy weirdo.
Crankie Frankilyn, the Cutie Pie.