Thursday, February 23, 2017

Welcome to Windrunner Vizslas! Located in Columbus Ohio

Welcome to the blog part of our web site! We are breeders and exhibitors of Vizslas. Check out the rest to see more about us and our dogs.

Our next litter will be Jinks' first litter due June 2017. Please visit our Upcoming Litters page for more information and before contacting us. As of right now we are considering additional homes on a limited basis until we have an idea of possible litter size. We are happy to try to help you find a litter so long as you are looking for a reputable, respected, preservation hobby breeder. Lots of adjectives there but how else are you going to differentiate from the BYBs and puppy mill breeders!
If you aren't certain how to contact a breeder of quality please review this link