Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Love Watching Him Move

Park Play

Radar had a great over-nighter and day at the Sunbury Street Festival with Wendy.  He payed with Auntie Aerial; got a little lesson in manners with Grandma Lannie and met all kinds of people at the fair including a few he has already met - Susie and her wonderful twin girls who live with Radar's half brother King.  He also met King.  We met at the park to get him back and went for a nice walk.  He had already taken a nap at the street fair so he was raring to go.

Trooper, who is still recovering from his abdominal surgery, thinks that Radar is in serious need of manners and he is just the dog to teach him some!  He did a very nice job of telling Radar that is no uncertain terms are they equals even though they are about the same size.
 I've never thought he looked like Pixie until this picture.  Something about that little nose and those lips.
Pixie Jan 2007

 He has some serious reach and drive!

 Uncle Rocket and Auntie Aerial started to have a wrestling match.....
 Radar found a safe place.  Smart puppy!

After his busy morning Radar started to get a little tired.  He's well rested now for his wrestling session with Pixie which is happening right now.Too bad it is going to end for now for a bath.  He was sitting in poison ivy in the woods and I don't need anymore of that!

Friday, September 21, 2012

His First Overnighter

One of the things I like to have puppies do is spend a short amount of time away from home/mom on their own.  Depending on the puppy I'll do anywhere from a couple of hours up to an overnight adventure. With just one puppy this is easier to arrange as well.  When he and Pixie get back from their Puppy-paloosa vaca in Cincy next week he'll meet up with a few other dogs to play and learn about different breeds.  But tonight he gets to have some fun! 

He is going to spend the night with Wendy and his Grandma Lannie and Auntie Aerial!  They are going to a small street festival tomorrow and will meet his half brother King and King's girls.

 He had to have a bath before leaving for Wendy's.  There must have been acid in the water b/c he acted like it was just setting him on fire.  The poor thing.  It's so hard to be a puppy! He managed to recover pretty quickly so I'm sure it wasn't really that bad.

He did discover that there are fish that react to him in my aquarium.  I didn't get any pictures of it in my attempt to protect the fish but lets just say he will need some manners when it comes to tanks in the future or I see a lot of water, fish and glass on the floor.  It really was very cute watching him cock his head and then bite at them through the glass.

All packed up and ready to go!  Have fun Radar!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Boy Has Endurance

Still light on his feet after going for over 30 minutes. I can't wait to see him in the ring as well.

 Go Radar! Go!

The tiniest of breaks with Mom.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7 Weeks Old Today!

What a lovely day we have had!  Radar is so confident and easy going.  He takes on every new situation like it was old hat.  He rode in the crate both alone and with his Pixie-rat. Today he showed off his sweetness with several groups of Alzheimer patients several of whom had walkers or canes.We went for a walk in the rain with me holding an umbrella.  My tires needed replaced so we stopped at a noisy tire place and while we waited we played tug and worked on shaping a hand touch.  I think we'll start shaping with a clicker soon.  I like to teach something that is a moving behavior so they don't get stuck in a stationary position when you want them to offer new behaviors.  I'll have to think about it.  Krista do you have any requests?

I just LOVE that face!

Is it a walker or a chewer?

 Eventually, he fell asleep on a woman's lap - which she just ate up.  I did have to do a little wrestling to get him back.
All of a sudden it seems like he is getting so much bigger.
Pixie didn't know how to skateboard before we got there so we taught that as a demo.  She is so quick to offer behaviors she figured out the entire chain of behaviors in the first group of people.  The facility has some better pics so I'll post those if they send them.

Funny New Friend

On Sunday morning Krista and Andrew stopped by to visit for a little bit.  I thought they might like seeing Radar meet a new puppy friend.  My friend Vikki has a new puppy, Firefly.  She is a Norwegian Lundehund.  I think she is 14 weeks old and about 4.5 pounds.  She has experience and wisdom on her side but not size.  Radar would get a bit rough on occasion with her but he has also just spent the week playing with his older cousins so subtlety is not something he has learned a lot about. After they met indoors they played outside a bit and were a little more even in their romp together.

As always it was so nice to visit with Krista and Andrew.  He is going to have such a great time with them!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just A Quickie!

Too much work in the last few days and too little sleep.  The cousins stayed an extra day due to their chicken not being ready for me to pick up to deliver to Rhoda.  We so enjoyed having them.  Radar is going to have fun when they get back from their trip and he gets to stay with them for a few days.

Today has been busy busy busy!  A football game this morning during which he was the star of the show!  He gathered lots of admirers including the Athletic Director, an adorable almost 2 year old, and of course just about everyone who saw him.  Loud overhead speakers, cheering fans in the stands, aluminum bleachers, and of course smelly boys were all on the menu for today. 

To top it off he went for another car ride this afternoon and rode in the crate by himself.  No screaming or hissy fits so that was great.  We went to the park today with the plan that he would ride along in his carry bag.  He had different ideas about that as soon as the big dogs took off and he saw them running.  Once we were in an area where we could see all around us he got to get down and stretch his legs.  That was all good until the big boys started wrestling and making noises like they were going to eat each other   Then he thought he'd head for the hills.  Fortunately he has a nice baby dog recall and came right back.

I'll post some video tomorrow b/c I've got to go to work and Henry is fussing at me to get some sleep.  Krista and Andrew come to visit tomorrow! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today I pulled out Nightshade around my yard - which was everywhere!  Mom came by and took pictures stacked and running around the yard.  I'll post them in a few days.  We also had a little visitor this evening.  Chrissy who lives with Kai's sister Rooney and her 16 month old daughter came by for a little bit.  While she handled it very well I thought there were too many teeth and feet leaving the ground so some of the pups spent a little crate time.  They did ok with that.  There was some gnashing of teeth of course but in general they were good little pups.

The cousins leave tomorrow .... Boooo!  Radar is probably going to be lonely but he'll have Pixie to play with and she is pretty good about entertaining a pup.  Plus we have several trips planned for the upcoming week: Going to an Alzheimer day center, visiting an office, going to a football game in addition to what we usually schedule - visits on his own to puppy friendly houses.

This morning the water bowl outside and the pool needed filled so I was able to get some video of the pups with the hose.  I think Radar is going to like going to the pond.

Catching Up

On Sunday, Krista, Andrew, Krista's Mom Susan and sister Kellie came for a visit.  Wendy was here when they came with Lannie and Aerial.  The momma girls are very good with their own and each others pups/pup so long as they aren't cross nursing.  That is intolerable! Except when one sweet green collared girl cozies up to Pixie and then when she is unaware starts to nurse.  Or when the gang of hyenas attacks Kai and Radar sneaks in for a little taste of something different while she is distracted.

 Everyone loves the hole that never seems to stay filled in.
 Kai has got to find a better designer.  This is at least puppy proof...for now!
 Their covered pool doesn't seem to get very warm since it is so much cooler now.
 Snugglin' with his Krista!
 Alfie sneaking in for a special meal.
 The girls got to relax after the puppies passed out.
 Just how can a puppy get through this contraption.

 Ready for the big time!
 Passed out after a long outdoor play day.
 The mom's find a peaceful place.
Cuddling with my cousin.

Radar learned some new tricks for him cousins.  Here he is working on his core :-)

I didn't catch it on film - that would be organized - but everyone but Bravo (dk green)ran down the stairs to the basement which are wooden open backed stairs.  Everyone but Radar ran back up.  He needs a one more week of growth to be able to manage the stairs easily.  Alfie (lt green) and Delta (orange) are taking after their mother and being mountain goats.  They climbed on the shelves next to the stairs as if that was the way they we meant to be climbed.  Then they nimbly turned around and finished the stairs.

We had a fortunate encounter tonight.  I had a board meeting here.  My friend and vet Joanne was here and noticed a plant growing at the base of one of my trees.  Deadly Nightshade!  Good gracious!  Henry came out and removed the plants.  Tomorrow I'll go around again to make sure there is none around the fencing.

So the pups then spent the evening racing and running, getting loved on and basically putting on a show for all of us.  They have been sleeping ever since

Saturday, September 8, 2012

They're Heeeeerrrrrreeee!

This afternoon we were invaded by Radar's cousins. Kai's pups are just about a week older than Radar and they are here for a 4 day visit today!

Radar's reaction is interesting.  He isn't intimidated at all and he interacts with them but he definitely considers himself an outsider.  Kinda like going to a sleepover and not knowing anyone there. He has taken to sleeping in one of the big dog crates when he is sleepy so I closed all of them and left him to his own devices.  It's funny how much a puppy can find to do when he isn't exactly sure where to go.  The Alphabet Bunch was sacked out in the big bed with plenty of room for one pup to add to the mix.  Radar had other ideas but sooner or later the Sandman wins out.  He finally climbed in the bed but slept so he wasn't touching anyone.  Then after the first wake up was over he climbed on to the bed as if it was no big deal but still slept without touching. It will be interesting to see how his highness so tomorrow.