Monday, November 4, 2013

Puppies Come for a Visit

The puppies are here for a week!  They are even cuter in person!  It has been two weeks since I've seen them and they have grown like crazy!  Rhoda and I took them outside when they first got here.  I have never seen an entire litter act completely unfazed by this new change of circumstances.  Everyone's tail was up and they just scampered around like they owned the place.  This morning they all came down the stairs with the exception of Hesta who apparently had to go potty one more time.  I was getting cold so I just put her on the bottom step and down she came. This afternoon they all went down on their own with a couple of them jumping as they went just to prove how totally cool they are!

We have had several potties outside so already working on our "get busy" command.

They have had a couple of visitors already.  Yesterday was Wendy, Ed and Lannie (the pups great aunt).  Today my friend Lisa and her pup, Bob, a 4 month old Portuguese Pequena Podengo.

Then of course there was lots of nap time

 Sometimes we napped with mom

Sometimes with great cousin Pixie.