Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today I pulled out Nightshade around my yard - which was everywhere!  Mom came by and took pictures stacked and running around the yard.  I'll post them in a few days.  We also had a little visitor this evening.  Chrissy who lives with Kai's sister Rooney and her 16 month old daughter came by for a little bit.  While she handled it very well I thought there were too many teeth and feet leaving the ground so some of the pups spent a little crate time.  They did ok with that.  There was some gnashing of teeth of course but in general they were good little pups.

The cousins leave tomorrow .... Boooo!  Radar is probably going to be lonely but he'll have Pixie to play with and she is pretty good about entertaining a pup.  Plus we have several trips planned for the upcoming week: Going to an Alzheimer day center, visiting an office, going to a football game in addition to what we usually schedule - visits on his own to puppy friendly houses.

This morning the water bowl outside and the pool needed filled so I was able to get some video of the pups with the hose.  I think Radar is going to like going to the pond.