Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catching Up

On Sunday, Krista, Andrew, Krista's Mom Susan and sister Kellie came for a visit.  Wendy was here when they came with Lannie and Aerial.  The momma girls are very good with their own and each others pups/pup so long as they aren't cross nursing.  That is intolerable! Except when one sweet green collared girl cozies up to Pixie and then when she is unaware starts to nurse.  Or when the gang of hyenas attacks Kai and Radar sneaks in for a little taste of something different while she is distracted.

 Everyone loves the hole that never seems to stay filled in.
 Kai has got to find a better designer.  This is at least puppy proof...for now!
 Their covered pool doesn't seem to get very warm since it is so much cooler now.
 Snugglin' with his Krista!
 Alfie sneaking in for a special meal.
 The girls got to relax after the puppies passed out.
 Just how can a puppy get through this contraption.

 Ready for the big time!
 Passed out after a long outdoor play day.
 The mom's find a peaceful place.
Cuddling with my cousin.

Radar learned some new tricks for him cousins.  Here he is working on his core :-)

I didn't catch it on film - that would be organized - but everyone but Bravo (dk green)ran down the stairs to the basement which are wooden open backed stairs.  Everyone but Radar ran back up.  He needs a one more week of growth to be able to manage the stairs easily.  Alfie (lt green) and Delta (orange) are taking after their mother and being mountain goats.  They climbed on the shelves next to the stairs as if that was the way they we meant to be climbed.  Then they nimbly turned around and finished the stairs.

We had a fortunate encounter tonight.  I had a board meeting here.  My friend and vet Joanne was here and noticed a plant growing at the base of one of my trees.  Deadly Nightshade!  Good gracious!  Henry came out and removed the plants.  Tomorrow I'll go around again to make sure there is none around the fencing.

So the pups then spent the evening racing and running, getting loved on and basically putting on a show for all of us.  They have been sleeping ever since