Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5 Weeks!

Yup!  5 weeks old today!
Mom's always watchin' me!

So what has a 5 week old been up to?  He has been for a few car rides.  Some with mom. Some without.  He has been for a "walk" at the park again in his deluxe carry bag.  I have to say he isn't so thrilled with that still but he gets out and about safely without exposure to bad stuff.  He met some friends at the park - Wendy, her daughter Jennie and Jennie's boyfriend Andy. He has been to mom's house.  Apparently he makes little Trooper nervous so he just got to terrorize his Uncle Rocket.  All but one of his poops has been outside (Thanks Henry)  Boy, one puppy is easy to housebreak!  He's up to two meals a day and loving it.  Kibbl, baby food mixed veggies and mixed fruit with some Keifer.  He'll go to up three meals in a day or so and then we'll add some chicken necks soon.

These pictures are from Sunday and our walk at the park.  I ran out of batteries while at mom's house so no pics there.

Meeting Auntie Aerial.  I think she likes me.

Me and Mom and Grandma Lannie


My posse!  Andy, Jennie, Wendy and Cherry.

Time out to adore me!
All of that fresh air and holding makes me sleepy.  So glad I've got my carry bag to sleep in.