Friday, August 24, 2012

First Bath

Many times Radar is sleeping with his "brother".  This picture seems to personify their "relationship"

 Ro and Pix got a run in this morning when I got home from work.
 Play time for the baby.  He has gotten so much better about walking on the floor.  Each day he is a little more adept.
 Hilarious look!
 Oh so handsome!
 Getting sleepy.
 Momma is another favorite sleep partner. 
 Finally we got around to the bath.  I decided to use the sink instead of the dog tub b/c I could heat the bathroom pretty easily with a space heater.  Did he love it?  No but he did tolerate it remarkably well.  Maybe he was in shock   We'll see how he does the next time.  Yes, I killed 2 more fleas.  My poor baby boy!  I searched for my bag of diatamacous earth from the last litter and cannot find it.  Maybe I gave it to someone b/c despite how it appears from this blog, generally we don't have fleas and I haven't had to treat my dogs except in sporadic occasions. Tomorrow I'll have to pick up some more.
After he dried off he got cozy with his warmed up "brother" and a blanket heated in the dryer.   Pixie joined in on the warm up program. Time for bed!