Latest Happenings

By the end of 2016: Of course I didn't keep up on everyone's updates so I'm doing a big batch
From Rhoda: 
Gema (Guzzle x Kai II) New CH from BBE classes! 

From the Haberbush family: 
5 agility and 3 obedience titles, 3 UKC championships, had the #1 Owner Handled Vizsla, a OHBIS, OHRBIS, 10 OH group 1st, 9 OH group 2nd, 5 OH group 3rd, 4 OH group 4th, and a Sporting group 4. 
CH Windrunners Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down BN RN JH NA NAJ NF RATS "Ash" (McCoy x Pixie)
GCHB CH FAWA-WR Everwhen Buzz's Moon Mission CD BN RN JH NAP NJP THDN CGC "Buzz" (Chance x Tega )
OHBIS OHRBIS GCHB CH FAWA-WR Cantankerous CMF BN RN RATN "Tank" (Brew x Kai )

From the Bonness family: 
Sam (Chase x Lannie) and Pam keep running up a storm in agility and also participated in the Royal Canin Invitational in FL. Sam is now MACH4 PACH2 Windrunner's Pegasus MXS2 MJS2 MXP6 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX2 XF

From the Schroeder family: 
Radar (Flynn x Pixie)  #1 pointed V in Ufli with the 2nd all time fastest time!

From Cherry and Pam:
Rocket (Chase x Lannie) New RA. BN, legs towards his NAP, NJP and 2 legs on his RE.
Pixie (Chase x Lannie) New RN, NAJ and legs towards her OA.
Jinks (Guzzle x Kai I) New NA and NAJ More points towards her Bronze GCH.

4/24/16 9 yo Rocket (Chase x Lannie) finished two titles with Cherry. BN (Beginner Novice) and RA Rally Advanced!

4/24/16 Radar (Flynn X Pixie) earns his TFE-I title (Top Flight Executive Level 1)! He is now running 4.5 and 4.6 consistently.  Speedy boy!

4/23/16  In a collaboration of handling between Pam and Fred, Win (Guzzle x Kai II) won his first two CH points at his first show by going BOW. 

4/10/16 Whaaaat??? New Owner-Handler BIS GCH CH FAWA-WR Cantankerous CMF RN RATN! Under Judge Jon Cole with Alex at the wheel.  Congrats Team Haberbush!

2/27&28/16 New NJP and NAP for GCHB CH FAWA-WR Everwhen Buzz's Moon Mission RN BN CGC TDHN JH NJP NAP (Chance x Tega)he got his 3rd Q with a score of 97 and a first place.

2/13&14/16 The Windrunner FAWA family had quite the weekend in Indianapolis. Rocket (Chase/Lannie) and Cherry earned two legs towards his Beginner Novice obedience title. Saturday Jinks (Guzzle/Kai) showed and walked away with Best of Breed.  That same day half brother Tank (Brew/Kai) was Best of Opposite and little sister Gema (Guzzle/Kai II) won her first points and was Winner's Bitch for her first points and then went on to earn Bred By Exhibitor Group 2 at her first show at just over 6 months. The next day Gema won Best of Breed from the classes over specials and earned a 3 point major!  Quite the start! 
Smarty Pants Rocket (CH Windrunner's Rocket Man RN, AD)
Jinks (GCH CH FAWA Windrunner High Jinks JH),
Tank (GCH CH FAWA-WR Cantankerous CMF RN RATN),
Gema (FAWA Windrunner It Takes A Thief)
Jinks (GCH CH FAWA Windrunner High Jinks JH)

Gema (FAWA Windrunner It Takes A Thief)

12/12/15  Zora (Guzzle x Kai) won her first major! Owner handled by Fran at the IX Cleveland Shows.

12/12/15 Jinks (Guzzle x Kai) earns her Junior Hunter title!

11/13/15 New Grand Champion FAWA Windrunner High Jinks!

10/31, 11/1 and 11/15 Jinks (CH FAWA Windrunner High Junks) earns three legs of her Junior Hunter title.

Tank (GCHB CH FAWA-WR Cantankerous CMF RATN ) number 4 owner handled Vizsla for 2015.

10/18/15  Radar competed in Flyball this weekend and earned his FDCh! He is one speedy boy!

10/17/15 and 10/18/15
Pixie and Rocket were in their first Barn Hunt trials. They both skipped over Instinct and went straight to Novice. Rocket-man earned his first two Novice legs. Pixie-Poo was a shining star earning three Novice legs, three first places and three High in Trial Novice awards. She is now a RATN.

9/19/15  Al and Ash (McCoyxPixie) Earned their RATN title (barn hunt). Ash wow'd the crowed with a beautiful point on the rat find.

9-5-15 and 9-6-15 Pam and Jinks earn Select Bitch for 1 point each day towards her Grand Championship.

8-16-15 Susan and Seeker (GuzzlexKai) earn her Rally Advanced title! 3 straight legs!

8-5-15 and 8-9-15  Susan and Seeker (GuzzlexKai) earn both majors of her Championship. All owner handled with very limited showing! Only 5 more points to go!

ReCap of Early 2015 because I have been bad about posting. I will miss a lot so I'm just going to cover the highlights:
NEW CH Windrunner's Ground Control JH RA CGC TF-III (Flynn x Pixie) Owner handled to all of his titles!

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is similar to the pictures I took when Drew was young and going to dog shows with me.

Fawa Windrunner Hot On The Trail CD RA CGC (Guzzle x Kai) Seeker and Susan have been burning up the rings!
Susan with Seeker and Hunter. Seeker is a Remains Detection dog while Hunter will be training to do live searches. 

GrCH points for Jinks (Guzzle x Kai)
CH points for Zora and Seeker (Guzzle x Kai)
 BOB and Select placements for Tank (Brew x Kai)

12/12&13/14 Rocket (Chase/Lannie) earns his first RA leg in Cleveland. Jinks wins another Gr CH major and points.

11/15/14  Radar (Flynn/Pixie) and Krista with their first major at the Columbus shows! Awesome job! Jinks wins a few Gr CH points as well.

It was a family affair that weekend
(L-R) Jinks, Buzz, Kai, Harmony, Tank, Zora

10/25/14 NEW CH FAWA Windrunner High Jinks! The next day she earned her first GrCH points!

10/19/14 Ash celebrates his 4th birthday with a Select Dog win in Springfield IL.

9/6&7/14 Jinks earns more points towards her CH. Her mother Kai (Chance/Tega)  wins BOS and cousin Radar (Flynn/Pixie) also wins Winners Dog on the 7th!

8/16/14   On a major roll!  Seeker is now FAWA Windrunner Hot On The Trail, CD!!  Three straight obedience trials at 10 months she is the first in her litter to earn a title!  Brains and beauty!

8/10/14 NEW RA Roady and NEW RN Rocket

8/10/14 Seeker and Susan win their first point! Excellent!

7/19/14 Radar and Krista do it again!  Rally Advanced title earned with a perfect score and 1st place!  They are awesome and this baby is not quite 2 years old!

6/29/14  Team Pam/Sam qualify to go to Orlando for the AKC Agility Invitational!  Some of the final figures from the past year:
-86 days of trialing
-112 total Qs (52 jumpers and 62 standards)
-66% Q rate
-over 2500 points
-earned MACH 2 and 3 and 80% of MACH 4

Way to go team!  We are so proud of you!

6/28/14   Radar wins another breed point by going Best of Winners today!

6/13-15/14  Pix won Best of Opposite Sex from the 7 - 9 yo class under Deborah Fridlund Lynn at the supported entry at Echo Hills Kennel Club. She also finished her Beginner Novice Title with a second place finish and a 192. Yea Pixie-rat!

Jinks, the sock monkey, did super over the weekend. Friday was her 2nd time in the ring. Reserve Winners Bitch to a major at Miami Valley Vizsla Club's specialty under breeder judge Kathy Rust. Saturday she was awarded Best In Sweepstakes! In the classes she was Winners Bitch for 4 points under judge Mr. Terry Stacy! Sunday she was put up as Winners Bitch and then on to Best Opposite Sex over specials under breeder judge Carol Sommerfelt for her 2nd major and 4th time in the ring! I'm so proud of the little beast!
Photo: Jinks had a good time at the Troy Ohio MVVC speciality!  She just might continue going to fun shows like this!

Rocket earns he 2nd leg and a 1st place win with a perfect score in Novice Rally on Saturday.   Way to go Rocket and Mom!  Kai earned an Award of Merit at MVVC's specialty on Friday.  It was quite the weekend!

  Radar is on a roll!  Radar got his TF-I title with 565 total points

5/3/14  Radar does it again!  He ran his first team and singles races like a superstar!  He earned over 100 points to get his first Flyball title TF (Top Flight)

4/26/14 Radar is now Windruner's Ground Control JH RN! Congratulations to a wonderful team!!  He also earned an Advanced leg!

4/20/14  Jinks (Guzzle/Kai) was entered in her first show Central Ohio Kennel Club and won her first point!

3/9/14 Kai and Rhoda earn the final leg Kai's RE (Rally Excellent)!  Her Grand Championship is also completed!  Congratulations!

2/22/14 Team Pam/Sam (Chase/Lannie) have earned MACH 3!  Amazing!


2/16/14 Two Rally Novice legs with scores in the 90s his first time in the ring for Krista and Radar! Yippeeee!!

2/8/14  Master Gamblers leg for Pixie.

10/26 and 10/27/13 Two more legs, a new title and very positive judge comments for NEW Junior Hunter Radar (Flynn/Pixie)!  Woo Hooo Andrew and Radar!
Photo: Radar's JH is official!!

10/19/13  Alex (shown with Tank (Brew/Kai - FAWA) qualifies for Westminster as a Junior Handler!  Great job Alex!


9/28 and 9/29/13 Yeaaaaa Radar (Flynn/Pixie) and Andrew!  Two Junior Hunter legs their first time out!  

9/15/13 Great news today!  There is a NEW Windrunner Champion known as CH Windrunner's Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down RN JH AKA Ash  (McCoy/Pixie) !  Way to go Team Haberbush!

9/2/13  Congratulations to Team Haberbush on New Bronze GrCH Buzz (FAWA Pup) and a 4 point major on Ash.  One more point to go for Ash's Championship!
GrCH Buzz

8/9/13 Team Pam/Sam earn their MACH 2!  Way to go you two!
7/30/13 Introducing our newest Champion FAWA-WR Cantankerous CMF

7/16/13 OMG!  Somehow I didn't post the above so I'm bad again and will miss many things so lets just say the Haberbush team of Al with Tank (FAWA pup), Buzz (FAWA Pup) and Ash have been doing well with various points in the breed ring.  Buzz is close the his Bronze Grand Championship and both Tank and Ash have won majors!  Great job guys!
Radar and Krista have been busy getting ready for flyball and hunt tests but along the way have gotten a total of 3 points towards Radar's Championship as well as earned his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  Nice job!

7/15/13  We had our 2013 Windrunner / FAWA reunion with a very nice turnout! What a lovely treat to see so many of our pups and their families all together!

The Oddballs
Lannie and Pups

Pixie and Pups

Sunny's 2nd Litter almost 11 years old Phantom, Tega, Roady, and Lannie

Tega and Pups

Having a nice run

I haven't kept up with this part of my site in a while so I'll just start fresh from 2013.

2/21/13 Pixie earns two Beginner Novice legs in Obedience at the Central Ohio KC trials winning 1st and 2nd place in her classes!

2/20/13 Radar (Flynn/Pixie) wins his first point as Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Medina Kennel Club under Judge Christine Calcinari.  Way to go Krista and Radar!

3/17/13 Radar (Flynn/Pixie) wins Reserve Winners Dog at Louisville Kennel Club.  Owner/Handled by Krista!