Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here Until They Go Home

The pups are back with a vengeance!  Yesterday was super busy testing day!  First out with birds with Jean Webb.  Next temperament testing with Lisa Baird.  Finally, conformation evaluation with Peggy Haas.  Still no decisions on who goes where. We'll continue to evaluate over the next week and make some decisions then.  Decisions, decisions!  Such a fun bunch of pups!

We have an extra visitor this week in the form of Daz, Lisa's Portuguese Podengo Pequeno.  The puppies love her and she seems to really enjoy them.  They are going as a group to Wendy's house tonight for an overnighter then coming back in the morning.

Henry has determined that we are keeping a puppy.  Apparently I need to work more :-)

So far so good on the pups.  They look fabulous and having a great time running around here and there and are well on the way to being housebroken.  I think we'll start individual crating Friday night.  Right now they have two open crates in their space overnight and have not had an overnight poop in days. They should be pretty easy for their new owners when there is only one puppy to concentrate on.