Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 2

Not a lot of pics from this morning but here is a pic of the run around followed by milk coma.

 What preempted this is:  Morning wake up, eating, outside potty time, outside playtime - leaf chasing, stick chewing, stair climbing up and down - more potty time, a lesson in Vizsla Behavior 101 and then warm up inside followed by a milk snack.

What is Vizsla Behavior 101? Whenever a broom in in motion any good Vizsla *must* get in the way! The puppies displayed excellent potential while I cleared the steps and landing of leaves.  Based on their behavior this morning I anticipate that they will graduate quickly to Stop the Poop Scooping and then later Vacuum Interruption with no problem at all!

This is a pic of their sleeping quarters and Roady down stairs time.