Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catching Up On Things

It has been several days since I've updated.  Partially because the baby hasn't been here and partially because we have been busy.  Radar and Pixie went on a vaca with their family at Rhoda's house. For Radar to get more I'm-part-of-a-group time and Pixie to keep him company and keep him in line as needed.  They came back on Thursday after going to Jeanne Webb's for a mini introduction to birds.  Radar was quite fascinated with her bird coop when we got there. Unfortunately, he was the last one to get out of the car and was totally zonked.  Waking him up is like waking the dead so I'm looking forward to how he does when he gets to Indiana and gets to get out with Andrew, Krista and Jan.

We went to the park the next day and ran and ran.  He loves to follow the big dogs into the woods.

He likes to help with the recycling before it

Too kissable!

Radar loves his new Preference Honest Kitchen mix now added to his kibble and keifer.  Thanks Krista!