Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just A Quickie!

Too much work in the last few days and too little sleep.  The cousins stayed an extra day due to their chicken not being ready for me to pick up to deliver to Rhoda.  We so enjoyed having them.  Radar is going to have fun when they get back from their trip and he gets to stay with them for a few days.

Today has been busy busy busy!  A football game this morning during which he was the star of the show!  He gathered lots of admirers including the Athletic Director, an adorable almost 2 year old, and of course just about everyone who saw him.  Loud overhead speakers, cheering fans in the stands, aluminum bleachers, and of course smelly boys were all on the menu for today. 

To top it off he went for another car ride this afternoon and rode in the crate by himself.  No screaming or hissy fits so that was great.  We went to the park today with the plan that he would ride along in his carry bag.  He had different ideas about that as soon as the big dogs took off and he saw them running.  Once we were in an area where we could see all around us he got to get down and stretch his legs.  That was all good until the big boys started wrestling and making noises like they were going to eat each other   Then he thought he'd head for the hills.  Fortunately he has a nice baby dog recall and came right back.

I'll post some video tomorrow b/c I've got to go to work and Henry is fussing at me to get some sleep.  Krista and Andrew come to visit tomorrow!