Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7 Weeks Old Today!

What a lovely day we have had!  Radar is so confident and easy going.  He takes on every new situation like it was old hat.  He rode in the crate both alone and with his Pixie-rat. Today he showed off his sweetness with several groups of Alzheimer patients several of whom had walkers or canes.We went for a walk in the rain with me holding an umbrella.  My tires needed replaced so we stopped at a noisy tire place and while we waited we played tug and worked on shaping a hand touch.  I think we'll start shaping with a clicker soon.  I like to teach something that is a moving behavior so they don't get stuck in a stationary position when you want them to offer new behaviors.  I'll have to think about it.  Krista do you have any requests?

I just LOVE that face!

Is it a walker or a chewer?

 Eventually, he fell asleep on a woman's lap - which she just ate up.  I did have to do a little wrestling to get him back.
All of a sudden it seems like he is getting so much bigger.
Pixie didn't know how to skateboard before we got there so we taught that as a demo.  She is so quick to offer behaviors she figured out the entire chain of behaviors in the first group of people.  The facility has some better pics so I'll post those if they send them.