Friday, August 31, 2012

Chow Time!

These images are from yesterday.  Radar loves to play with his mom and she loves to play too.  He is one tough cookie!

 First meal consisted of Orijen kibble warmed and softened with boiling water with a splash of keifer.  He seemed to be happy to eat.  We'll do one meal a day for a few days then add another and another periodically till he gets to at least 3 meals daily, 4 depending on how he looks.

I've also increased our housebreaking scheme.  R goes outside to potty after waking up.  He is still in the carry to get outside mode of course but he is learning "Get busy!"  Mom came over and took some glamor shots but I have yet to get them so today I'll just use what I took in my dry back yard.  Krista came to visit today (Friday) and was quite impressed by how much progress he has made since the last time she saw him.