Wednesday, August 29, 2012

4 Weeks and Having Fun!

Happy 4 weeks!  In honor of his improved walking skills and 4 weeks of age I got a couple of new toys.  I realized I can't find my Sit-N-Spin so I found a "new" one and a cute light and sound piano at a thrift store.  He borrowed the butterfly from Rhoda yesterday so he will have a bunch of new noise makers around.  There is a video on Facebook showing his new found love of the butterfly.

I decided to toss a few pieces of kibble in a bowl for Radar to see if he was interested. He had been very interested in Pixie's empty bowl earlier this morning.  See below to see what he thought.  Using his teeth for food is a new concept but again, I'm very pleased with how he goes along with new things.  Tomorrow we'll go into our normal intro to eating.  Pixie is pretty happy to keep feeding him so we'll start with one meal a day of goats milk with probably rice baby cereal to see how he likes it.

Nails got done while he was sleeping to minimize the fight.  He was a little angel.
Somehow a little bump appeared on his lower right lid tonight.  I think maybe it is a bug bite of some sort.  It doesn't seem to bother him too much though it may be a little itchy.